Hey Miha,

I know what you mean. Of course life is not black and white, but I am not describing life here. I am trying to make a clear point. I want to draw attention to a certain perspective. And I am speaking from my own experience.

I agree with you that you and your environment are inseparable. This is why I think you should choose your environment consciously and change it if you feel you need a better one.

I also share your opinion that you should fight against non-ethical actions. I haven’t promoted the idea of tolerance in that context at any point. What I’m doing here is basically a fight against the lack of ethics, although I would rather call it an encouragement of ethics.

I am not sure I understand the last sentences you highlighted. Are you talking about a concrete business model or do you mean business models in general? When you say ‘We might optimize all those view/click/spent-time metrics; but in what world are we going to live in?’ are you referring to Medium?

What article of Tristan Harris and Joe Edelman are you recommending?

Founder of FemGems. Passionate about personal development, social impact and female leadership.

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