My game-changing lessons from 2020

Give yourself the space you need right now — mentally and emotionally.

I will always admire your endless strength. Rest In Power, Yammi.

An ode to a blessing in disguise

Why I haven’t spoken about feminism and why I start now

Words of Activist and Academic Cheris Kramarae

Why I haven’t spoken about feminism

On digital detox, facing your self and being vulnerable.

Photo by Pepe Reyes

6 things I learned from Cynthia Barcomi in a 6 min read

Illustration by the one and only Rozalina Burkova

I literally woke up one day and said ‘I’m going to Berlin’. That’s my new focus. That’s what I’m going to do.

A review of one year living my true purpose: FemGems

Moderating the first FemGems live show at betahaus. Photography: Lupo Cordero

I value honesty, realness, and radical candor. I value being and staying human in the first place, no matter how far you go. Because how far you really are is measured by how you treat the people behind you. Growth mindset, ownership, dedication, and a sharp focus on solutions are the values I’m building FemGems on.

Dora Dora

Founder of FemGems. Passionate about personal development, social impact and female leadership.

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