Five truths burnout taught me.

Life has been a rather harsh teacher this year. So many plot twists, eye-openings, pain, sweat and tears… ego fights and game-changing revelations.

This year, Life has been teaching me humility through slaps in the face.

Here’s what I learned from 3 rounds of burnout. (Yes, I banged my head in the same wall 3 times. But third time’s the charm — I’ve gained an awareness I didn’t have before and that’s what I put into words below.)

By the way, burnout is not the result of “too much work”, so you can’t carry it as a badge of honor…

So often in Life, we don’t realize how precious and irreversible time is. We don’t realize we should enjoy this day fully, because it’s one of the best days of our Life (we only see that in retrospective). We don’t realize we need to stop pushing, stop working, and take a break, because we are harming our health. We are delusional and unaware of so much. And at some point, we simply face the consequences of our unawareness, and pay the price for it.

You know, we need to respect the beauty of Life and the beauty of being Human…

My game-changing lessons from 2020

New year’s resolutions are bullshit. Setting multiple outrageous goals that require you to become a different person overnight to achieve them is bullshit. Subscribing to the idea of a magical moment where your whole life changes… right, bullshit.

The excitement around something new & better doesn’t last long enough for us to build a new habit or accomplish a big goal. Real change is gradual. It requires time, an informed mind, and true awareness. But most of all, it requires 5 key ingredients that I’m about to lay out in a causal chain.

In order to do the things you…

An ode to a blessing in disguise

I’m not here to benevolently promote burnout, and I don’t see it as a badge of honor. I’m here to share my experience with it, because there’s not much conversation about it, let alone personal and honest one. And if you’ve read any of my previous articles, you know that’s what I’m all about — real talk.

I don’t know how many people suffer from burnout right now, but I’m pretty sure almost none of them can actually admit it (because of their managers, employers, clients, investors, you name it).

The reason why I can allow myself to talk about…

Why I haven’t spoken about feminism and why I start now

For almost 2 years now, I’ve been running FemGems, a labor of love boosting female entrepreneurship. So why haven’t I talked about feminism? And why do I want to do it now?

Why I haven’t spoken about feminism

To be completely honest, I just didn’t want to get into constant discussions about it and I didn’t want to be associated with the image most people have of a feminist. But I realized one thing now. That image won’t change if people like me and many other types of people don’t show up as feminists. So I need to stand up and show what kind of feminist…

I’m well on my way of becoming really radical, because it has become as urgent as never before to finally change things. Also because I came to realize that there is huge power in being radical when it’s for the purpose of making positive change.

Anybody who does not reflect the corona wake-up call in their individual behavior does not belong in my circle anymore. I will use the same criteria to decide upon companies, brands and organizations I interact with while building and growing my business consciously. …

Everything looks amazing on social media, but rarely something looks as good on the inside. In fact, a lot of times when you get to know something on the inside, you might get heavily disappointed. For one, because some things that look glamorous on social media are actually rotten on the inside, and for another, because any social media image is a highly selective presentation. That’s one of the reasons why it’s important for me to keep it real.

A couple of days ago, I experienced something that served as a catalyst for some major realizations — and decisions as…

I am thankful for the new, powerful positive energy that has entered my life. I am thankful for the beauty, goodness, and inspiration I experience every day. I am thankful for my dreams coming true.

The funny thing about this clichéd “dreams coming true” (written under a cheesy sunset photo) is that in reality it’s not what it sounds like.

You might not even recognize your dreams coming true.

It’s not what I have had in mind as an image of “what it looks like when your dreams come true”. …

On digital detox, facing your self and being vulnerable.

In the beginning of 2019, I took the plunge and started building something of my own from scratch. I was fueled by the insane drive from having found my purpose in life — a meaningful cause that deserves all my energy, potential and time on Earth. A labor of love that triggered a whole new level of inner strength and motivation for me. A big project that challenged me on multiple levels and allowed me to unfold my full potential.

In the end of 2019, I found myself extremely exhausted and numb inside. I didn’t feel the enthusiasm, passion and…

6 things I learned from Cynthia Barcomi in a 6 min read

Unlike most stories told on FemGems podcast so far, this one is not about becoming passionate about a startup idea and going through a gradual process of transition into an entrepreneurial path. It starts with a BANG.

I literally woke up one day and said ‘I’m going to Berlin’. That’s my new focus. That’s what I’m going to do.

There’s so much between these lines. The risk taking. The ability to make decisions fast. The clarity that once you decide on something, you need to focus on it fully to achieve it. The determination to succeed.

My FemGem32 — Cynthia…

Dora Dora

Founder of FemGems. Passionate about personal development, social impact and female leadership.

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